New Year’s Day


New Year
New Year’s Day also known as New Year, is a public holiday across the globe and is observed on 1 January each year. People around the world have been celebrating the start of each year since 45 B.C. when the great Roman emperor Julius Caesar introduced the Julian calendar. January 1 is the first day of the year on the Solar calendars; the Gregorian calendar -which is the calendar in use today, as well as the Julian calendar. There are a few other calendars with the New year starting on a different day; Some of them are below;

  • Chinese New Year – The Chinese New Year is known as Chūn Jié, which means “Spring Festival“, which starts in January or early February.
  • The Jewish New Year – The Jewish Calendar is based on a lunar calendar. The Jewish New Year is called “Rosh Hashanah” and usually takes place in September.
  • Islamic New Year – The Islamic New Year also known as Muharram, is celebrated on the first day of the month “Muharram “and is usually observed in July or August and is based on the Moon sighting.

The New Year celebrations begin on December 31 (New Year’s Eve) and usually continue into the early hours of New Year’s Day. On new year’s eve, there will be many indoor and outdoor parties, and special foods and champagne are part of it. Most people start the new year with a countdown and fireworks, also taking a “new year resolution” is a very popular tradition associated with the new year.

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